When you pray for God’s mercy, know that you must and will have to prepare for the recalcitrance of your prayers.

God’s mercy is not free, has never been free and can never be free.

It is accompanied by a price that many find sometimes difficult to pay and In turn, curse God in their utmost lament.

I can recall a story of a young Preacher man whose affliction was masturbation. He struggled for many years to stop but was always falling back into this dish of disgruntled Kadesh Bania.

One day, he said to himself; I won’t do it again and that very day he fell twice. After the second time, he went on his knees and was crying for forgiveness, and God spoke.

God said to Him, “son, I shall help you”

He was covered with so much joy so much so that he danced and worshipped God for hours.

A few days later, his phone fell into his pot of soup from the window where he had placed it and unknown to him, he covered the pot and allowed his soup to boil for five minutes.

After five minutes, he put off his gas and brought out a plate to dish some soup only for him to dish out his phone covered with enough soup. Smiles.

This young man lost appetite and went into his room crying…

God spoke again “son, I promised i was going to help you.”

He was already boiling some anger in him, but couldn’t channel it to God because He knew the repercussions.

He gathered a few money, went to a phone plaza to purchase a new phone, bought the phone and on his arrival back home, the phone was gone. Traced it back and discovered the empty pack at the entrance of his house. He went back inside his house, cried all through and God spoke again “I promised I was going to help”

On hearing this, He brought out his laptop power it and headed straight for a porn website, stood up and matched to close the door and unfortunately stepped on the laptop charger, dragged it mistakenly with his leg and the tragic of all occured, the laptop fell from the table and was dashed into pieces.

This young man wept sour and repented from his heart.

Beloved, God didn’t stop there, He withheld all financial help from him until after a year. This young man learnt his lessons in a destructive manner.

When you ask God for mercy, He hearkens and grant you forgiveness, but beyond the forgiveness, He will place you on a dangerous diet that will bring you great discomfort so as to help liberate you from the hold of that sin entirely.

When the young Preacher cried to God for mercy, God heard him and granted him forgiveness, but after the forgiveness, God had to make sure that this servant of His does not Go back to that sin again.

God went deep down the matter and fetch those factors that led His servant into the demonic act. Because He is a loving father, if he finds out that it is your phone, He will allow the foolish devil to bring his brothers (thieves) to steal it, or cause it to fall into a great damage, just like the soup incident above, or take away the capacity to purchase data from you.

After this or if another factor is found, let’s say, Loneliness, He will lift you from a lonely place and place you among men of good thoughts. If it’s Joblessness, He will grant you a job that will keep you busy…

Note: this is an example.

God doing all of this to that fellow doesn’t mean He hates Him or her and have not forgiven and forgotten, he is doing all of these to keep the individual free from the path of this sinful act…

So at the end of the day, you will find that He just loves you and want a better life for you and not a destruction.

So if you are praying for mercy, let this be on the canvas of your heart, that the price of mercy is dangerous despite the loving forgiveness and forgotten nature of our God.

Gods answer to mercy prayer is an introduction to a cleansing process in ones life. If anyone then think it is costly, no problems, I assure you beloved, the costliest one await him or her on the last day. The Bottomless Pit of hell.

You don’t need to run from God’s mercy now, you need it, and note that it’s for your own good, so come boldly and embrace it. After every mistake or wrong doing, please don’t run from God, run quickly to God and seek for this genuine mercy, and you will find it.

If you haven’t given your life to Christ, you’re doing yourself a great injustice, beloved, believe me you need Jesus in your life to live righteously.

Please pray with me and say, lord Jesus, I am a sinner in need of your help, please have mercy on me and wash me clean, come into my life today and help me to live for you from today forward and backward never in Jesus Holy name, amen.

Congratulations beloved, you’re welcome to God’s family, please don’t stop here, locate a Bible believing Church near you and get committed in the service of God as you grow in God’s love.

God bless and keep you

If you were blessed, kindly share to as many as you can.

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NEWS: Bandits Write Christians In Zamfara To Shut Down Churches Or Risk Attacks

The Zamfara State police command has confirmed the threat to SaharaReporters, saying, “We are on top of the threat.”

A group of bandits has written to the Christian community in Zamfara State, Northwest Nigeria to close churches or risk ferocious attacks, SaharaReporters has exclusively learnt.

The Zamfara State police command has confirmed the threat to SaharaReporters, saying, “We are on top of the threat.”

Spokesperson for the command, DSP Mohammed Shehu, told our correspondent that the police were aware of the threat letter.

He said, “Yes, I can confirm that it’s true, a threat letter was sent to the Christians in Zamfara State to stop worship and to close churches.

“Actually the police informed the Christian leaders about the threat.

“Accordingly the CP has invited the leadership of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) in the state to discuss security measures around the churches.

“In that regard, a special squad has been created by the CP to patrol and protect worshippers, especially on Sundays.

“Additionally, plain-clothes personnel have been deployed for intelligence gathering and to unravel those behind the threat letter,” he said.

On Sunday, a Christian leader, who spoke on condition of anonymity, had requested prayers from Christians around the world in respect to their plight in Zamfara and other parts of northern Nigeria.

He said, “Let’s pray for Christians in Northern Nigeria, especially in Zamfara State as we are issued a three-year ultimatum to close all churches in the state.

“Some churches were listed for attack between now and the end of December, though the churches that would be attacked according to the Fulani group that wrote the letter are located on the outskirts of the town, but we believe it’s just a trick.

“Same letter was also copied to the Police, Department of State Services (DSS), Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) and other security agencies and they all Confirmed receipt of the letter.

“The police in the state have directed Christians to intensify security in all places of worship, pastors’ houses, other Christian centres.

“Christian Association Nigeria (CAN) in Zamfara State has also directed all churches not to hold church activities beyond 5pm for the next three months,” he said.

As things stand, some Christians are contemplating leaving Zamfara State for safer areas.

The Christian Association of Nigeria likewise calls on the government to effectively speed-up their plans in tackling insecurity in the Nation, as it is now depriving Christians in Zamfara their freedom of worship and fellowship.

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CAN Mourns Ezekiel, Pastor Mrs Yinka Badejo and Odukoya’s Wife… Calls for prayers for Church leaders

The leadership of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) has described the demise of both the General Overseer of Christian Pentecostal Mission (CPM), Rev. Dr. Obiora Ezekiel, Pastor Mrs Badejo, the wife of the late General Overseer of Four Square Gospel Church and Pastor Nomthi Odukoya, wife of the Senior Pastor of Fountain of Life Church, Taiwo Odukoya, as big losses whose vacuum would be greatly felt by their families, the church in Nigeria and our nation Nigeria because of the life of impact they lived.

CAN which observes with pains and regrets that some key leaders of the Body of Christ are relocating to the great beyond unexpectedly, calls on Christians to be praying for protection and long life for the Church leaders to be able to fulfill their callings.

We commiserate with Pastor Odukoya on the recent Home Call of his dear wife after a protracted battle with cancer and we pray for divine comfort and consolation. The  Lord will not let her relocation stop the assignment given to him but instead help him to rise up against the challenge in Jesus’ name. The seeming sad event will turn out for good as the Lord promised us in Romans 8:28 in Jesus’ name.

While we are yet to come out of the shock of the demise of Pastor Nomthi, another great Servant of God, a Teacher of teachers, a Pastor of Pastors, a mentor to many and a Father of many giants of faith, Rev Dr Obiorah Ezekiel joined the Saints Triumphant. He was among the Founding  Fathers of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) where he provided leadership with impeccable integrity.

May God Himself comfort his wife, Rev. Dr. Mrs Mercy Ezekiel, his church and ministry, Christ Pentecostal Mission (CPM), and the leadership of PFN.

Dr. Obiorah Ezekiel was not only an Evangelist per excellence but he was also an epitome of integrity, transparency, power, prayers, discipline, signs and wonders till his last minute on this planet. This is why he was fondly called the ‘Demon Bulldozer.’ To us as the umbrella body of all churches in the country, his relocation came when his wisdom and godly counsels are still needed. Our consolation is that he slept in the Lord whom he served till he breathed his last. 

Once again, our hearts go to his faithful, committed and dedicated wife, our Mother, Rev Dr Mercy Ezekiel, the biological and spiritual children and the Church he left behind. May God sustain and keep them under His watch in Jesus Name. 

Our condolences go to the Four Square Gospel Church and the children of Mrs Yinka Badejo, wife of the late General Overseer of Four Square Gospel Church who went to be with the Lord on November 12, 2021 barely three months after the transition to glory of her husband, Rev. Dr. Wilson Badejo.

We have decided not to sorrow as unbelievers because we know there is life of eternal glory and splendor after death for those who believe in Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour. Death is the beginning of a better life, it is of course described in the Scripture as gain!

May the Lord watch over the rest of us and help us to live everyday of our lives to the glory of his name in Jesus’ name. Amen!


Pastor Adebayo Oladeji, Special Assistant (Media & Communications) to the CAN President, His Eminence, Rev. Dr. Samson Ayokunle.

CPC List: We Are At a Loss On the Data the US Government Used for the Delisting of Nigeria – CAN

Press Statement: The leadership of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) has said that the Association is at a loss on the data or statistics used by the US government in arriving at delisting Nigeria from the list of ‘Countries of Particular Concern’ on the issue of freedom of religion.

The US government did not contact us when they were listing Nigeria among the countries of ‘Particular Concern’ on religious freedom, neither did they seek our opinion before removing Nigeria from the list. If they had done, we would have been able to compare the statistics then and now on the issue of freedom of religion in Nigeria. Whatever may be the data they used, our prayer is that Nigeria would be a country where no religious group is discriminated against or persecuted and that our government would see to it that all religiously biased policies are discontinued with. 

Christians had faced and are still facing persecution from ISWAP and the Boko Haram Islamic Group till today as before. These are the people who said their agenda was to wipe away Christianity from Nigeria and to plant Islam as the only religion from the North down to the Atlantic Ocean in the South. That agenda with the killing of Christians has not stopped till today and Nigerians are living witnesses.

The bandits have joined other militant Islamic groups to be ferociously attacking churches, killing worshippers and kidnapping for ransom. The herdsmen are equally doing their havoc. We have lost many people and places of worship to their assault, especially  in the  Northcentral part of  the country and the Northeast. Though, the madness has grown now and those who are not Christians are being attacked, killed  and kidnapped, this is because these criminal acts have become lucrative business and it is whoever you can kidnap for money! If the government had responded appropriately when this criminal madness began and subdued these evil groups immediately, we wouldn’t be where we are now!

We have been shouting at the top of our voice in Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), almost in vain, that government policies should be religiously neutral enough so that no religious group would be seen as being favoured or discriminated against. For example, for almost a year ago now, some of our churches are finding it difficult with the Ministry of Interior to get new marriage certificate booklet after they had exhausted the ones they were using. Some had applied for new supply as far back as January this year without any response from Ministry of Interior till now. This means that such churches licensed to conduct wedding were denied the right to do so for no cogent reason from the government!It is not only in Nigeria that churches are allowed to conduct wedding once they were licensed to do so. Why are the churches being denied the right to do so now in Nigeria? If there is nothing to hide by the government and it is not a subtle religious discrimination, why didn’t the ministry in a written form or verbally explain to the churches that needed new marriage certificate booklet why the supply is delayed? 

We are seizing this opportunity to appeal to the Ministry of Interior to put its acts together and allow the licensed churches to collect the marriage certificate booklets from the local government registries nearest to them without further delay and cost.

All right thinking people would continue to ask the US government to let the world know what has changed on the issue of religious freedom and persecution the Christians are facing between the time they placed the country in the list of ‘Countries of Particular Concern’ and now! CAN in particular would like to know! This is  because all those factors that put Nigeria on CPC list for the first time in 2020 are still there.

For example, many states in the North are yet to reverse the policy which denies Christians the Certificate of Occupancy to build churches in their own country. Equally, some, if not many states in the North do not allow Christian students to study Christian Religious Studies in the public schools because it is not made available in their curriculum. In a similar vein, Christian students had and are still complaining that they are denied admission to government owned universities in the North to study courses like Law and Medicine, among others. Christian students such as Leah Sharibu and students kidnapped from Bethel Baptist High School were left with the kidnappers without any purposeful rescue mission organised for them.

The relatives and churches of the kidnapped people were forced and are being forced to pay ransom worth millions of Naira to secure their people or children! Up till now , the Federal Government refused to see banditry as terrorism and has therefore refused to label them as terrorists. For whose good is this? Is it because the bandits are close to those in government or because of religious consideration?

Similarly, ISWAP and other Islamic terrorists that surrendered or were captured were not allowed to face the wrath of the law but rather, unlike other criminals are being slated for a programme of de-radicalization or rehabilitation! These are people who had sent many people to early graves! Is this action of government fair to the people they killed and the rest of us whom these people traumatized and put in sadness over our property or relatives they killed? Why were the armed robbers not de-radicalized? What becomes of our criminal justice system if this kind of anomaly is allowed to stay?

Up till today, our government is still funding the membership of Nigeria in all the International Islamic organisations like OIC and its allies without being part of any international Christian organization. 

Once again, we urge the US government to help us by allowing us to know what has changed between the time our country was put in the list of ‘countries of particular concern’ and now.

Let me conclude by saying that we are trying to bring some of the issues of religious persecution or discrimination up at our Nigeria Inter-Religious Council (NIREC) meeting so as to douse religious tension and foster harmonious relationship between religious adherents in Nigeria. Please be praying for us for success along this line.

Thank You 

Rev. Dr. Samson Olasupo Ayokunle. President, CAN


His Eminence, Rev. Dr. Samson Olasupo Ayokunle 

The President, Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN).

20th November, 2021.


PROPHETIC DECLARATION: God has brought us thus far, and we are indeed grateful for His bountiful grace and mercy.

Today, we bring you prophetic declarations from God’s servant and President of the Christian Association of Nigeria, Rev. Dr. Samson Olasupo Ayokunle; as he declares to you, your family, the Church, and the nation, impactful words of prayer.

Be Blessed! #PropheticDeclaration #Prayers #christianassociationofnigeria

PROPHETIC DECLARATION with Rev. Dr. Samson Olasupo Ayokunle, President, CAN




The 4th quarterly meeting of the National Executive Council (NEC) of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) was held at the National Christian Centre Abuja on Thursday, 11th November, 2021 under the chairmanship of the CAN President, His Eminence, Rev. Dr. Supo Ayokunle. In attendance were the other members of CAN national Executive, heads of the five Blocs of CAN, delegates from the Blocs, chairperson of the Women Wing (WOWICAN) and Youth Wing (YOWICAN) of CAN and other prominent Christian leaders in Nigeria.  During the NEC meeting, the Council deliberated on many issues affecting the Body of Christ in Nigeria and the well-being of Nigerians in general. Notable among these issues are:

1. The National Executive Council appreciates the recent efforts of the Security agencies for the prompt action taken to rescue the Staff Members of the Federal University of Abuja who were recently kidnapped. However, it admonishes the Federal Government and Security Agencies to be more proactive to stop with immediate effect, the spate of kidnapping in the country especially in Kaduna State where kidnapping is now almost a daily occurrence. CAN challenges the Security Agencies to respond quickly to distress calls and protect the lives and properties of Nigerians. It further calls on the Federal Government to do all it can to release the abducted innocent people in captivity unconditionally without further loss of lives.

2. On the need  for prompt action by security Agencies, CAN also wishes to advise the Federal, States and Local Government Areas to immediately initiate  an all inclusive security dialogue with all stakeholders. This  will help towards finding a lasting solution to the security challenges.

3. CAN enjoins the National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) to be consistent about the information it puts on its website. It particularly noticed that the telephone numbers on its website are not functioning. It should do all it takes to help educate and constantly update Nigerians about the challenges of COVID-19 and the availability or otherwise of COVID vaccines.  

4. CAN advises the Federal Government to put in place a better administration of the QR Barcode reader payment required for returning to Nigeria from overseas. A situation where Nigerians are subjected to intimidations abroad because of the negligence of duty of the officials is very embarrassing. Also, the ugly practice by some Government officials extorting money from citizens coming back home without remitting same to government coffers must be checked.

5. CAN acknowledges the resilience of Nigerians in view of the prevailing economic hardships and insecurities in the country and advises the Federal Government to not worsen the situation with increasing electricity tariffs, prices of cooking gas, and merely allocating funds for maintenance of roads without corresponding visible impacts.

6. CAN wants the general public to know that it now has a new (amended) constitution which was adopted by the General Assembly and signed into law by the CAN President on 25th February 2021. It therefore, calls on the Christian faithful to get themselves acquainted with the provisions of the new constitution. It also admonishes believers to take ownership of the Association so as to appreciate the workings and operations of CAN.

7. As the nation prepares for the electioneering campaigns towards the 2023 General Elections, CAN urges all Christians and citizens that are of age to without delay take advantage of INEC’s re-validation of voters’ cards exercise and register to get  their voters’ cards. Politicians should conduct themselves in a manner that will bring peace and unity. Youths should not allow any selfish office seeker to use them to cause violence before, during and after the politicking exercise.

8.  CAN prays for the Government and people of Nigeria.

9. As we approach Christmas and the New year, CAN commits Nigeria to the hands of God and wishes all of us a wonderful celebration in advance. 

Barrister Joseph Bade Daramola  (General Secretary CAN.)



In the spirit of CAN’s SAPPHIRE (45TH) ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION, the Lagos State Chapter is organizing a week-long program with the theme: “CELEBRATING 45 YEARS OF GOD’S LOVE AND CHRISTIAN UNITY IN NIGERIA”

The program heralds Sensitization, Youth Summit, Charity visit, Symposium, Gala/Dinner Night, Football match, Concert, Family talk show, and Thanksgiving service. (See poster for more details as you plan to attend)


The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) Imo State Chapter, presents a CAROL OF NINE LESSONS, with the theme: “JESUS THE PRINCE OF PEACE” and “PEACE BE STILL” as the topic.

The event will feature Special Choir renditions, High Praises and Thanksgiving. Watch video advert for more details.

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National WOWICAN Chairperson, Deaconess Victoria Bola Ihesiulor and Ondo State Governor, Chief Rotimi Akeredolu

The Women Wing of the Christian Association of Nigeria, WOWICAN, has commended the Ondo State Governor, Arakunrin Oluwarotimi Akeredolu, SAN, for prioritizing the well-being of citizens of the state.

Speaking during a courtesy visit at the Governor’s office in Akure, WOWICAN National Chairperson, Deaconess Victoria Bola Ihesiulor said, the commitment of Governor Akeredolu to good governance coupled with equitable delivery of its dividends to the citizens, is salutary.

Deaconess Ihesiulor who spoke highly about efforts of the Arakunrin Akeredolu administration at guaranteeing security of lives and property in the state, used the opportunity to appreciate the cohessive plans of the government at stemming COVID-19 pandemic in the state.

The WOWICAN National Chairperson said the visit was coming ahead of the National Convention of the Christian Women organization being hosted in the Ondo State with delegates from all states of the Federation and the Federal Capital Territory and with the theme: “Be Still and Know that I am God”.

Deaconess Ihesiulor however called on christian women to join in the crusade for peace in the country to accelerate national growth and development.

“Again as Christian women, peace is what we desire for our country and as God, who created us in His image did not make mistakes, it is therefore not a mistake that He has made Nigeria a heterogeneous society. We pray that all our peace initiatives will yield positive results and peace will reign in Nigeria”, she declared.

In his response, the Ondo State Governor Arakunrin Oluwarotimi Akeredolu, SAN, noted with satisfaction the significant roles of women in nation building and assured that his administration will continue to give them due recognition in the scheme of things.

“Women have always been very enterprising when it comes to trading and so on, they are able to lay their hands on one or two things that at least will guarantee their sustenance, now that women have come out and concentrate on that very important focus to reduce poverty among women and I think it is a great idea”, he said.

Cross Section of WOWICAN members with the executive Governor of Ondo State, Chief Rotimi Akeredolu

The Governor equally urged the women to continue to intercede for the country in their prayers just as he expressed grave concerns in the current security situations of the country.

“We try as much as possible to ensure that security of lifes and property will be our priority, no country or state can guarantee 100% security, but I know that there is nothing impossible with God Almighty to do, so we believe all things are possible”, he said.

Arakunrin Akeredolu stated that his administration will remain unwavering in its commitment to the execution of life transforming projects for the good of all and in particularly the women so as to encourage them to do more.

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