A few days later, his phone fell into his pot of soup from the window where he had placed it and unknown to him, he covered the pot and allowed his soup to boil for five minutes.


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When you pray for God’s mercy, know that you must and will have to prepare for the recalcitrance of your prayers.

God’s mercy is not free, has never been free and can never be free.

It is accompanied by a price that many find sometimes difficult to pay and In turn, curse God in their utmost lament.

I can recall a story of a young Preacher man whose affliction was masturbation. He struggled for many years to stop but was always falling back into this dish of disgruntled Kadesh Bania.

One day, he said to himself; I won’t do it again and that very day he fell twice. After the second time, he went on his knees and was crying for forgiveness, and God spoke.

God said to Him, “son, I shall help you”

He was covered with so much joy so much so that he danced and worshipped God for hours.

A few days later, his phone fell into his pot of soup from the window where he had placed it and unknown to him, he covered the pot and allowed his soup to boil for five minutes.

After five minutes, he put off his gas and brought out a plate to dish some soup only for him to dish out his phone covered with enough soup. Smiles.

This young man lost appetite and went into his room crying…

God spoke again “son, I promised i was going to help you.”

He was already boiling some anger in him, but couldn’t channel it to God because He knew the repercussions.

He gathered a few money, went to a phone plaza to purchase a new phone, bought the phone and on his arrival back home, the phone was gone. Traced it back and discovered the empty pack at the entrance of his house. He went back inside his house, cried all through and God spoke again “I promised I was going to help”

On hearing this, He brought out his laptop power it and headed straight for a porn website, stood up and matched to close the door and unfortunately stepped on the laptop charger, dragged it mistakenly with his leg and the tragic of all occured, the laptop fell from the table and was dashed into pieces.

This young man wept sour and repented from his heart.

Beloved, God didn’t stop there, He withheld all financial help from him until after a year. This young man learnt his lessons in a destructive manner.

When you ask God for mercy, He hearkens and grant you forgiveness, but beyond the forgiveness, He will place you on a dangerous diet that will bring you great discomfort so as to help liberate you from the hold of that sin entirely.

When the young Preacher cried to God for mercy, God heard him and granted him forgiveness, but after the forgiveness, God had to make sure that this servant of His does not Go back to that sin again.

God went deep down the matter and fetch those factors that led His servant into the demonic act. Because He is a loving father, if he finds out that it is your phone, He will allow the foolish devil to bring his brothers (thieves) to steal it, or cause it to fall into a great damage, just like the soup incident above, or take away the capacity to purchase data from you.

After this or if another factor is found, let’s say, Loneliness, He will lift you from a lonely place and place you among men of good thoughts. If it’s Joblessness, He will grant you a job that will keep you busy…

Note: this is an example.

God doing all of this to that fellow doesn’t mean He hates Him or her and have not forgiven and forgotten, he is doing all of these to keep the individual free from the path of this sinful act…

So at the end of the day, you will find that He just loves you and want a better life for you and not a destruction.

So if you are praying for mercy, let this be on the canvas of your heart, that the price of mercy is dangerous despite the loving forgiveness and forgotten nature of our God.

Gods answer to mercy prayer is an introduction to a cleansing process in ones life. If anyone then think it is costly, no problems, I assure you beloved, the costliest one await him or her on the last day. The Bottomless Pit of hell.

You don’t need to run from God’s mercy now, you need it, and note that it’s for your own good, so come boldly and embrace it. After every mistake or wrong doing, please don’t run from God, run quickly to God and seek for this genuine mercy, and you will find it.

If you haven’t given your life to Christ, you’re doing yourself a great injustice, beloved, believe me you need Jesus in your life to live righteously.

Please pray with me and say, lord Jesus, I am a sinner in need of your help, please have mercy on me and wash me clean, come into my life today and help me to live for you from today forward and backward never in Jesus Holy name, amen.

Congratulations beloved, you’re welcome to God’s family, please don’t stop here, locate a Bible believing Church near you and get committed in the service of God as you grow in God’s love.

God bless and keep you

If you were blessed, kindly share to as many as you can.

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