A Gucci bag?

My eyes swelled green with envy.

My friend had just been gifted with the most beautiful gifts on Valentine’s Day while yours truly had spent the day doing… (yes, you guessed right) Nothing!

No Flowers, No sweets, No chocolates, No candles… Hell, No lanterns!

For many years I was that girl who searched for love in places where I knew they never existed.

I wanted to be hugged,

I craved the warm embrace of dark, muscular arms; I was even ready to even settle for any hands (Lol)

Mehn! I just wanted to be held!

I wanted to feel loved; I wanted someone to at least, pretend, that they cared…

These were always my thoughts in my darkest moments,

And, I was always a victim to the insecurities.

Maybe I wasn’t good enough,

Perhaps not tall enough,

Definitely not fair enough…

I daily subjected myself to all of these necessary nonsenses.

I wasn’t sure of anything, even the very things I knew I was supposed to be sure of.

Twas that bad, and even worst. (Smiles)

Until I accidentally bumped into the only valid TRUTH that mattered;


I may not always feel like it, but it doesn’t change

His relentless, reckless, ‘leaves the ninety-nine’ love… so overwhelming.

I just need to smack myself on the head and be reminded, that…

His arms are warm enough to hold and to rock me,

He has given me more than flowers and chocolates,

He gave his life for me.

So, I am going to rest easy, knowing that I’ve got all the love I will ever need.

Does this mean that I’m giving up on getting my Flowers, sweets, chocolates, candles and lanterns?

No! (lol)

I choose not to settle

I choose not to compromise

I choose to be content

I choose to wait on LOVE that comes from LOVE

Because GOD is LOVE

And, GODLINESS with CONTENTMENT is great gain.

1st Timothy 6:6

Written by: Chimdinma Ihemefor (Writer, Youth leader.)